HTIL mission is to make a difference in the lives of impoverished and less fortunate youths, by providing them with essential resources to foster success through education and soccer.

Barrett Town Scholarship Program Third Endowment - 2018

HTIL Scholarship Presentation 2018-2019
For the 3rd consecutive year, HTIL continued its mission of impacting the lives of students from the Barrett Town Community in St James (Jamaica) through its annual scholarship program. Last school year, HTIL bequeathed stipends and back to school supplies to 9 scholars; this school year, HTIL bequeathed stipends and back to school supplies to 14 students.
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Barrett Town Scholarship Program Second Endowment


Aug 17 2017, HTIL hosted an award ceremony for the 2017-2018 Barrett Town Scholarship Program awardees. This was the second installment of the scholarship program (dubbed as 20 by 2020) which started last year. For 2016-2017 school year, 4 scholars received $250 USD each; for this 2017-2018 school year, 8 scholars received $250 USD (approximately $32,000 JMD) each in addition to some school supplies (bag packs, note books, and pens/pencils) and read more>>

Scholarship Program to Benefit Barrett Town Scholars

Barrett Town Scholarship Fund Recepients

Last year, HTIL put its money where its mouth was and earmarked $1000 USD for Dec 25, 2016 for the inception of the Barrett Town Scholarship Fund project. >>

HTIL Plays Pivotal Role in Basic School Technology Project


HTIL is proud to support the Rose Hall Basic School Technology Intervention project: “Transform and Educate”. When the school Board Chair, Mrs. Margaret Harwood-Farquharson, approached HTIL to be a sponsor, the answer was “OMG! We have been thinking about partnering with a school to do this; and its fantastic that the school has taken the initiative and ownership of this!” HTIL was glad to sponsor the first 10 tablets to facilitate the launch of the project on January 17, 2017.